“Amazingly talented duo”


Kim and Jimbo - Festivals



“Your music added so much fun and festivity!”
– R.B. , Monticello



Kim and Jimbo play Americana, old-time southern mountain music, gospel, and songs for families and children.

Performing together professionally for over 20 years, the Carys have performed for more than 300,000 adults and children at festivals, museums, cultural centers, schools and libraries throughout the state.

Kim & Jimbo play banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, jawharp, bones, African drums, and more. For their world music performances, Rhythms Round the World, they also perform on balafons (xylophones from West Africa), gourd banjo, soprano and alto saxophones and they bring their traveling music museum of over 200 world percussion instruments for the audience to play along.


“You have the audience in the palm of your hand.”