Background music for receptions

During the cocktail hour and dinner hour, the Carys provide a set of background music that includes authentic old-time banjo tunes, flat-pick southern guitar duos, and celtic melodies creating the perfect atmosphere for conversation and dining. 


“Your warm and lively music created a joyful and festive atmosphere.”

-S.J. S., Oakland Museum  


Mini-concert for evening entertainment

When dessert is served, Kim & Jimbo will perform a short and informative mini-concert of Virginia music performed on banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bones and more.

It may include selections from:

  • Music of Old Virginia
  • Railroads and Rivers
  • Banjo Styles of the South : a short history of the banjo
  • Old-time gospel and songs of the Carter Family
  • Demonstration of jaw harp and bones. The Carys brings several sets of “bones” for the audience to play along.


Railroads and Rivers: Songs and Stories about Virginia’s Rivers and Railroads 

The Wreck of the Old 97 describes a 1903 train wreck in Danville. 
The New River Train is a popular song about a railway in southwest Virginia.
Floating Down the James by Jimbo Cary, describes batteau travel in the 19th century. 
Lynchburg Town is an antebellum song about transporting tobacco to Lynchburg.  
Instruments include guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica and bones. 
“An excellent performance by seasoned musicians.”

Music of Old Virginia:

Kemp’s Jig: an English dance tune to honor the Jamestown settlement in 1607. Performed on mandolin and wooden whistle.

Washington’s Victory: Jimbo plays tin whistle, accompanied by Kim on frame drum, on this ballad about Lord Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown. The tune, The British Grenadiers, is an old march that may have been played during the surrender ceremony, in which the British troops laid down their arms on October 19, 1781.

Hop High Ladies: a Scotch/Irish song performed on jaw harp and bones — in honor of the Scotch and Irish immigration to Virginia.

The Batteau Song: describes transporting tobacco and other cargo down the James River to Richmond. The batteau were large wooden, flat bottom boats of the 19th century. Performed on the gourd banjer — a replica of a 19th century banjo developed by African Americans.

Abe’s Retreat and Fall of Richmond:  performed on 5-string banjo and fiddle, commemorating an early Confederate victory and the Union capture of Richmond in 1865.

Wreck of the Old 97:  a song about a 1903 train wreck in Danville, Virginia — performed on banjo and guitar.


“What a great addition your music was to our event last week. It was perfect.”

-S.James, White Hall , VA  


Group activities 

After dinner, is the time for a little light-hearted fun. The Carys can call and teach simple dances such as the Virginia Big Circle Dance and a Virginia Reel. For the aspiring musicians in the group, Kim & Jimbo will bring a selection of world percussion instruments for a lively jam session. Learn to play the bones. Kim and Jimbo will bring 20 sets of bones for everyone to try.


“You have the audience in the palm of your hand.”