Rhythms, Riddles and Songs

A funtastic musical adventure

with singing, dancing and audience participation as Kim & Jimbo sing and tell stories of our animal friends and pets.

Be prepared to listen to animal riddles, play an instrument, and dance with an animal.

• Sing along and clap to Adopt a Kitten if You Can and Frolic of the Frogs

• Dance with an animal puppet to the Animal Friends Waltz and the song Deer Walk where “The little deer have big ears”

• Join in a jam session and play gourds, bells, bamboo, tambourines and drums. (over 200 world percussion instruments).

The Carys perform on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and more!



Jimbo’s newest song, Adopt a Kitten if You Can is a tribute to the Animal Rescue League… children will use animal puppets (kittens, cats, and little dogs) during the song.

Deer Walk is a traditional fiddle tune with new words describing the big eyes, long legs, and big ears of the white tail deer.

Jimbo has created several animal riddles for children. During the performance, he tells a riddle while the audience tries to name the animal.  The animal (puppet) appears from behind a screen at the end of the riddle:

“I fish all day
I need not beg
I often hunt
upon one leg
The little fish
have much to fear.
I use my bill
just like a spear!”



Frolic of the Frogs is another traditional tune (played on fiddle and guitar) — with new words by Jimbo:

“Lets frolic with the frogs
We’ll sashay down to the swamp
We’ll dance and we’ll play with the pollywogs —
never mind the mud and the damp

It makes my heart sing
when they peep in the spring
and they ribbit in the summertime too.
So don’t mind the skeeters.
Watch out for the snakes…
and we’ll do the bog boogaloo.”

The Carys will bring their collection of over 200 world percussion instruments for children and their families to play along.

“Kids were focused and enjoying every minute.”


“Your rapport with the children was wonderful”