Accolades, from presenters and educators


Your rapport with the children was wonderful.

Kids were focused and enjoying every minute.”

Best program in over 20 years of teaching.

Fantastic, fun, and educational.


Days later, the teachers are still coming up to me to say how much they liked it. The program was active and engaged the children at every point. The display of your hundred or so musical instruments made the program visually as well as aurally rich and introduced the students to a wide variety of unusual instruments in a manner that left me feeling as though I had toured the world. The finale was spectacular.
– S.A., PTA president, Yancey Elem


Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! My children enjoyed every minute and I did too!
– M. D. , Concord Elementary


The smiles on their faces and the rhythms in their hands convinced me that the two of you are pros at engaging young people in music.
– Music specialist, Oak Grove E.S


Bravo!  Tailored to young children and kept their attention.”
– Teacher, OB Gates


Excellent communication with the children. Very child centered. Very informative  – a great learning experience.
– Teacher,  OB Gates


Your songs were delightful…and introducing students to such a wide variety of instruments is inspiring. All of the students I talked to afterward had a great time – you made lasting memories.
– Principal, Rockfish Elem.


The kids loved it. It captured their attention from the beginning. … amazingly talented.
– L.H., VMEA music educator


An excellent program performed by seasoned musicians. You have the audience in the palm of your hand.”
– Teacher, Minnieville


The children (and teachers) had fun fun fun! Keep doing this wonderful program and teaching children about music around the world.”
– Broadwater Academy


I would recommend you to everyone. … a fantastic experience.”
– TS  Yancey Elementary


Educational, fun, exciting.
– MH , Yorkshire Elementary


Fabulous!  Children and parents alike loved it.
– Presenter, Courtland HS


Captured their attention the second they walked in and still had it as they left the room.
– Presenter


I liked that they showed how some instruments were made during early days in Virginia.
– S. Davis, Hurt Park E.S.


Good inclusion of S.O.L. countries.
– S. Quick, Ladd E.S.


Please come back every year!
– J. Langhorn, JJES


I liked the map and how you tied in a geography lesson with the music.
– R. Wallace, EES


We enjoyed the experience immensely. Your program was organized, relevant, and thoroughly entertaining.
– W. Whitehead, Crystal Spring ES


Bonafide playing with historical context. What fun.
– W. Whitehead, Crystal Spring E.S.


We loved it! My students talked about it all the way back to our classroom..
– J. Langhorn, SJES


The presentation tied in to SOLs that we cover in 2nd grade. Examples include George Washington, plants, Native Americans, Continents, Asia, Africa..
– J. Langhorn, 2nd grade teacher, SJES


Rhythm is so important to prepare young readers.
– J. Schreiber, Gayton


Loved the connections to Mali, griots, Jamestown, James River, Europe, SOLs.
– teacher, grade 3, Sydnor Jennings


Loved the trace of music through history and from other cultures.
– Presenter


Thanks for showing how to make and/or play some of the instruments..
– N. Ford, Gayton ES


You know how to work with a child audience.
– Presenter


Excellent review of history for 5th grade.
– Presenter


You all are the best!
– C. Deatheridge, VMNH


very energizing . all students were involved and excited about the program. great involvement with teachers.
– H. Dean, Education committee, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra


You were a tremendous success with the children and the teachers. You and Jimbo really understand how folk music speaks to everyone. It was a delightful day!
– B. Jones, Brownsville ES


I enjoyed the Mali tie-ins with SOLs. Also tie-ins with Native American studies were great..
– G. Dickinson, Highland Park ES


– Presenter


The children loved it.
– S. May, LEES


enjoyable for students and teachers, too!
– Central ES


Good tie-ins with Jefferson and Lincoln.
– M. Balance, Brownsville ES


The students were thrilled that they all had an opportunity to play an instrument. Very fun!
– J. Booth, Tuckahoe ES


Best assembly ever!
– L. Crotteau


“Playing as students came in was wonderful! They were engaged immediately.
– Hollis, Highland ES