Other performance options include


· Workshops, residencies and mini-residencies:

During a 2 to 5 day residency, the Carys will work with each class during their music class. Each student will have an opportunity to play several different world percussion instruments. Students will play rico-ricos as Kim plays an Irish slip jig on fiddle. Younger students will play gourds and maracas as Kim plays a Native American flute. Each student will play a tambourine while Jimbo plays soprano saxophone on the lively “Russian Sher”. Students will play African drums and agogo bells while Kim and Jimbo play West African balafons (wooden xylophones with gourd resonators).

· PTA shows and evening performances:

Kim & Jimbo offer an informative and entertaining concert that children and adults will enjoy. The Cary’s bring their traveling music museum of over 200 world percussion instruments. The children are invited to sit on the floor in front of the stage area and contribute to the music by playing along using world percussion instruments.

· Festivals, International days, field days:

Spring festivals, Fall carnivals, and more. The Carys will set up an area for students to try out different percussion instruments and play along with the Carys. When field days become too hot, children can come inside for a fun, interactive music performance.

· Special themes: 

Let the Carys know your special interest. Some special themes include Presidents Day, Earth Day, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Learning to Read, Jack Jouett, Virginia History, Mali, Greece, China, and more.

· Lectures and demonstrations.

Selected Performances


• Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

• Wintergreen Performing Arts Series

• White House Easter event

• First Night – Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Leesburg

• Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife

• Science Museum of Virginia

• VA Beach Folk Festival

• Waterford Fair

• Amazement Square Children’s Museum

• VA Explore Park

• Performances in over 80 Virginia counties and cities.